A FURIOUS group of campaigners are calling on Braintree's MP to take action against one of the UK's largest airline companies.

British Airways have come under fire after protesters called them out for their 'fire and re-hire' tactics.

Protesters with Unite The Union say British Airways seeks to fire its workforce and re-hire them on lower paying contracts.

The campaigners are set to hold a protest at the District Council Offices in Braintree tomorrow at around 10.30am as part of their BAbetrayal demonstration.

Now they're also calling on James Cleverly MP to pledge to review British Airway's "privileged landing slots" if the airline doesn't end its controversial 'fire and re-hire' tactic.

The group say more than 280 MPs have signed a pledge calling for Government action.

Campaigners say they're taking the fight to the Braintree MP to increase pressure on the Government to act.

According to Unite the Union, a recent poll revealed the British public backs tough action against BA over its plans.

They say voters gave strong support for the introduction of legislation to strip the airline of its privileged access to UK landing slots.

The group say a poll of more than 2,000 people, including over 1,219 British Airways passengers across the UK, revealed that 69 per cent believed the government should review the UK's current arrangements on landing slots.

Apparently, according to Unite the Union, just 16 per cent said the government should not conduct a review with 76 per cent of Conservative voters backing a review.

Unite executive officer Sharon Graham said: "Many thousands of BA workers are being subjected to the most brutal ‘fire and re-hire' strategy.

"British Airways are a national disgrace and actions against them will continue.

"So far, over 280 MPs have added their name to our call for BA’s privileged landing slots to be reviewed and the numbers continue to grow.

"BA's scorched earth approach will have consequences."

In response to the protesters, James Cleverly MP said: 

“I completely understand the concern that BA employees, and others in the aviation industry, have. 

"I have spoken to people directly affected by the current situation, and have already written to colleagues in government about the pressure and difficulties they face.

"Unfortunately my duties in parliament prevent me from meeting the BA staff in Braintree on Thursday.”