A POLICE Community Support Officer came to the rescue of an injured seal on Walton beach.

PCSO Michelle Diss was on patrol in Frinton and Walton when she spotted the animal on Walton beach on Tuesday morning.

She called for the help of volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue which have the seal a check over.

A spokesman for the Tendring community policing team said: "While on patrol PCSO Diss attended a lost seal on Walton beach.

"Local British Divers Marine Life Rescuers rescued the seal and had it checked over before releasing it back into the sea.

"The seal was reported to be in good condition, apart from a couple of small cuts."

The team said that anyone who discovers a stranded marine mammal is asked to record accurate details and the location and call the Essex Wildlife Trust The Naze Centre on 01255 679379.

The information will then be sent onto the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Team.