A RESIDENT has said she was “really surprised” after a deer bounced passed her while she was on her morning run along the seafront.

Barbara Powell, 42, who lives in Clacton, had not long dropped her daughter off at work, at the Kings Cliff Hotel, in Kings Parade, when she decided to go for a jog.

Having parked up nearby, she opted to start her exercise routine along the lower promenade, before running up the slope, near The Gap and The Esplanade.

All of a sudden, she was overtaken by nonother than a speedy deer, which appeared to come out of nowhere before darting by Barbara several times near a sailing club.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

“I saw the deer running up the slope in the same direction I was going, and then it turned and came back down,” she said.

“Staying close to the railings, he did this a few times, and he looked like he was looking for how to get back on the other side of the railing.

“It then went down the slope and I just carried on my run, so I did not see where it went.”

Barbara, whose interaction with the adorable deer came not long after sunrise, has since shared the video she captured of the ruminant mammal online.

The footage has since garnered a positive response from residents, with some claiming to have previously seen him hanging around a nearby chip shop.

Barbara added: “I was really surprised to see it, because I have seen muntjac deer at Center Parcs in the past, but it is the first deer I have ever seen locally.

“It certainly was not what I was expecting to see on my morning run, and this one didn’t seem fazed by dog walkers or dogs at all.

“I have posted the video on social media page for Holland-on-Sea residents and lot of locals have replied say they have seen deer in the area, so I guess he is a local.”

To watch the video of the deer running along the Holland-on-Sea promenade visit gazette-news.co.uk.