A CAMPAIGNING couple who say their grandson was “nearly killed” are calling for better deterrents to stop dangerous vehicles travelling on a restricted seafront.

Barry Shimell, has lived in The Close, in Jaywick, with his wife of 48 years, Suzy, since moving to the area back in 1995.

Mr and Mrs Shimell’s home sits directly on, and at the start of, the Jaywick Sands Promenade, down which cyclists, motorbikes, and quad bikes are not permitted.

Despite this, the pair say they have spent years having to put up with countless incidents where people have displayed a complete disregard for the rules.

“The promenade is a walkway, but we had a gate put up half-way at each end because a car come and knocked down our next-door neighbour’s daughter,” said Mr Shimell.

“My wife has also been hit three times by cyclists, my wife’s dog also got hit, and my grandson, who is two-years-old, nearly got killed.

“We are so angry about it, but I have tried to get help for years, but nothing is done, and we just get told that it is Jaywick, so nothing will get done.”

Now at the end of their tether and concerned for the wellbeing of themselves and nearby residents, Mr and Mrs Shimell remain determined to enforce change.

But, having explored what they believe to be every avenue, the couple say they now no longer know where to turn.

Mr Shimell added: “The speed these people come past is ridiculous, so we need something to slow them down if we cannot stop them, but so far we have had no luck.

“At least then we would understand that it might be safer on the promenade, but they have to take care not to cause harm, as it seems like that is all that can be done.”

The Environment Agency were contacted for comment.