A road block has been put in place after police took steps to ensure an unauthorised event did not take place at an Essex waterfront.

Essex Police received information about the music event in Bradwell-on-Sea today, Wednesday, August 12 and have confirmed it will not take place.

Officers are currently at the location and two arrests have been made for conspiracy to commit a public nuisance.

They turned round a coach which had 30 people on it and undertsand a second coach decided not to make the journey to the coast. 

Police are also considering dispersal order powers and have the authority to stop any vehicle they suspect is travelling to the event within five-miles of the destination.

Chief Superintendent Glen Pavelin said: “We’ve acted swiftly after receiving reports of an unauthorised event on our beaches in Bradwell-on-Sea.

“We have officers at the location and two people are currently on their way to custody.

“We understand people and vehicles are travelling into Essex to attend this event.

“The message is clear, turn around or face being directed back home by our officers.

“We will use powers at our disposal to ensure this event will not take place.

"If you’re coming to Bradwell-on-Sea to attend this event, you’ll be disappointed.”

Residents have been thanked for providing officers with refreshments in this hot weather while they have been managing road blocks.

The officers have been turning vehicles attending an unauthorised music event around - including a coach containing over 30 people.

The forces says it undertsands a second coach destined for Bradwell-on-Sea didn't reach the area after it turned around.

Two people continue to remain in custody on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a public nuisance.

Officers also seized a vehicle, a generator and music equipment.

Chief Superintendent Glen Pavelin said: "I'd like to express my gratitude to the people who travelled to my officers to give them water and other refreshments.

"Your generosity has gone a long way, thank you. I’d also like to thank our partners for their assistance.

"This is an example of getting a real positive outcome for the communities we serve by working together.”