PLANS have been submitted for almost 100 homes on green gap land next to the A133 in Little Clacton.

Britton Developments has submitted an application to Tendring Council for up to 99 residential units on farmland north of Progress Way, next to the A133 roundabout.

Outline plans show the eight acre agricultural site could be used for 69 private homes and 30 social of affordable homes.

A planning statement by the developer said: “A development here represents a logical extension to the existing settlement boundaries of Little Clacton.

“It has been demonstrated development will not have an adverse impact on the wider landscape setting and whilst located within a green gap, the site has been identified as capable of being developed.

“Progress Way provides a strong boundary up to which development within Little Clacton can extend, whilst retaining an effective broad gap to the south.”

But Little Clacton Parish Council has opposed the plans, stating it has a policy of fighting any planning application within the green gap.

It said: “If this application were to be allowed it would lead to the coalescence of the village of Little Clacton with Clacton.

“This application lies outside the settlement boundary as proposed in the emerging Local Plan.

“The site is hemmed in by the A133 making access to the site by bike or walking extremely dangerous and would lower the quality of life of any future residents of the site.

“If allowed, a development of this scale would lead to urbanisation of Little Clacton.”

Chairman John Cutting added: “From a personal view as a resident of Little Clacton, I am fed up with speculative opportunist applications from developers who seem to think that loads of houses on protected green land is just what the village of Little Clacton needs.

“I am fed up with a district council that is in its second term and has still not got a Local Plan in place that would stop these applications.

“We are now 13 years behind with our Local Plan, which if it were in place would protect residents from speculative applications.

“And I am fed up with the Government strategy of building loads of houses and thinking that it in its self will ease our social housing problem.”

A decision on the application is expected to be made by Tendring Council by October 9.