WATER sport enthusiasts will now be able to get their fix much closer to home after a new kayaking company launched in a seaside town.

Clacton Kayak Rental was founded during the coronavirus lockdown by keen kayaker Cameron Richards - who has ridden the seawater waves all over the world - and his partner, Chelsea Lancaster.

After investing a staggering £22,000 in top-of-the range boarding and kayaking equipment, Mr Richards applied to Tendring Council for a pitch on Clacton beach.

Unfortunately, his venture was refused permission by authority bosses, so the water sportsman, determined to see his business succeed, went back to the drawing board.

“We were told because of the coronavirus situation, the council didn’t really have enough time to sort a licence out for us,” said Mr Richards.

“We were really gutted, because we had spent a fortune and didn’t know where to go next or what to do.”

After some deliberation, head-scratching, and several important phone calls, Mr Richards and his team decided to rent out their boards from a site in Oxford Road.

Customers simply have to hire a board or kayak from Mr Richards, which they collect at eight in the morning and return at eight in the evening.

The team was also thrown a lifeline by bosses at Mersea Boating Lake, who agreed to give the kayakers a spot to pitch-up for the remainder of this summer.

Here they can charge for hourly sessions, renting the boards out to customers for as long as they need them.

Clacton Kayaking Rental’s first day of trading was this week, and their hassle-free rental service has already piqued the interest of day trippers and locals alike.

“I have owned a kayak for around six years now, and I have kayaked in France, Spain, Thailand and Cambodia, and I just love it,” added Mr Richards, a former coach driver.

“So, I wanted to make kayaking and paddle boarding affordable for everyone, because it’s great and really enjoyable to do.”