CONCERNED villagers fear an increase in cases of coronavirus after bikers descended upon Great Bentley.

In recent years, bikers have flocked to Great Bentley Green every Wednesday evening during the summer.

In the most part the gathering has been welcomed by villagers as a spectacle, although concerns have been raised at times over parking on the outfield of the cricket pitch.

But villagers have been left worried after bikers descended on the village on Wednesday and claimed many were not socially distancing.

Great Bentley councillor Lynda McWilliams said: “A huge number of bikers turned up last Wednesday evening.

“The parish council was not aware and there was no social distancing.

“With Public Health looking at the current situation regarding the increase in Covid cases in the district, I am concerned for my residents.”

She added: “The village green belongs to Great Bentley and the parish council acts as the Lord of the Manor on behalf of the residents.

“Many residents are annoyed as it was agreed the annual carnival, village show and marathon should be cancelled in the interests of residents’ health and safety.

“All these have been cancelled, so I and many other residents are annoyed these bikers may have introduced a further increase of the horrendous Covid disease to Great Bentley.”

Photographer Michael Wills said bikers mostly kept their distance from each other.

“Almost everywhere I could observe, the distancing was perfect,” he said.

“There was only one point at which it was questionable and that was the queue at the pub for the BBQ, but it soon spread out after the initial rush as everyone arrived.”

Dan Somers, an administrator of the Great Bentley Bike Meet Facebook page, said the meet would not be taking place this week.

“Last week was a trial,” he said. “We love the Green and don’t want to upset anything.”