AN animal shelter has opened up about its experience of life during the lockdown.

RSPCA Danaher Animal Home, near Halstead, haa been working to make sure animals in their care are well looked after despite the challenges imposed by Covid-19.

When lockdown was first introduced in March, the home was limited to a skeleton crew with just six staff members living on site for the first six weeks.

They carried out daily tasks such as cleaning, exercise and playtime.

One of them, animal manager Craig Horsler, said: “We had 130 animals to look after including dogs, cats and smalls – rabbits and guinea pigs.

“The hardest part was keeping up the dogs’ exercise regime and we’re proud that every day, every dog was walked.

“All our staff were great and although our volunteers and the public weren’t allowed on-site, they still supported us with donations of food, toys and bedding which was fantastic.”

After strict risk assessments by management and the introduction of PPE, other staff were gradually allowed to return.

Danaher says the home has lost more than £60,000 due to fundrasing events being cancelled and its charity shops being shut, although they have now reopened.

Danaher is also open to the public again by appointment.

Anyone interested in rehoming must first complete an online form and have a telephone interview.

The home was also hit financially by the lockdown.

The charity also says it’s bracing itself for an influx of new arrivals as families who bought new pets struggle with animal behavioural issues developed during lockdown and face increasing financial hardship.

For more information on how to support Danaher, visit