COUNCIL bosses say the first stage of the Bradwell B consultation was “extremely challenging”.

Maldon District Council and Essex County Council have given joint feedback to the Bradwell B stage one consultation.

District council leader Adrian Fluker said: “The BRB stage one consultation has been extremely challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we recognise that the proposal is at the early stages of a long process.

“Employment and economic growth are incredibly important to the success of the district, but this must be balanced against the need to protect the district and the daily lives of people living, working and visiting the district.

“It is important that like both councils, the community continues to fully engage with BRB and provides comments on all future consultations.

“Although BRB are engaging at an early stage, we are actively considering the benefits and the impacts that such a project could potentially bring to the district if permission is granted by the Secretary of State.”

County Hall economic development boss Tony Ball said: “Both councils are keen to ensure that we are able to maximise the opportunities for local businesses and that the power station creates local jobs for local people whilst minimising the impacts that are associated with a project of this size. Our joint response focusses on the impacts to the county’s roads, to the district’s landscape, environment and to the lives of residents, tourists and local businesses.

“It is important that the district benefits from a lasting legacy, which will enable improvements to transport, housing and community facilities whilst creating economic prosperity for the district and county as a whole.

“Sustainable development continues to be at the heart of the planning system and an assessment of all significant economic, social and environmental impacts will be required to inform the development of the proposals.”