Hundreds of people have taken part in a first stage consultation for a new nuclear power station.

The first stage of the Bradwell B consultation saw more than 1,600 people and organisations giving feedback.

The consultation was due to finish in May but organisers delayed the closing date due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the challenges, thousands attended the initial events back in March, the virtual exhibitions and telephone surgeries over the four month consultation.

Alan Raymant, Bradwell B chief executive officer, said: “It has been an important opportunity for the project team to talk to members of the community and it will really help us improve the plans for Bradwell B.

“We’re now going to take some time to review and consider all the feedback received from local authorities, parish councils, community groups and members of the public, as we develop our proposals.”

The Bradwell B project is a joint operation between CGN and EDF Energy.

Backers claim it will create 900 permanent jobs as well as 9,000 jobs during the busiest construction period.

Opposition group BANNG - Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group prepared a 13,000 word response to the public consultation.

BANNG chairman Prof Andy Blowers said: “This is not a done deal as CGN would have us believe. A new nuclear power station is not needed, and especially it is not needed at this site.

“Bradwell B would savage a landscape, community and environment that can never be replicated or replaced. To pursue the project in the face of such destructiveness would be an act of reckless irresponsibility.”