I have only just recently begun to fully understand the effect that the BRB nuclear plant planning application for the boreholes and trenches will have on our historic airfield.

I would ask Maldon District Council why so much effort and money has been given to Stow Maries First World Waraerodrome (and rightly so) but it is permissible to destroy our Second World War airfield without any hesitation at all.

What is the difference in heritage? The first war finished in 1918, the second in 1945 - not even 30 years apart, yet what a difference in respect BRB and our district council are showing to these two historic sites.

We are lucky enough to have evidence of the importance to the war effort made by Bradwell Bay airfield.

We still have the control tower, the hangars, and the runway intact along with other memorabilia. It is one of only three existing airfields that still have the FIDO system remaining (fog clearing system), which helped save countless lives.

Many airmen lost their lives flying from here while protecting this country.

It is also the war grave of one aircrew who lost their lives on the runway.

The Bradwell Bay War Memorial, which was given to the village by George Pryor many years ago, shows the number of these brave men killed - their names and their nationalities.

We do not have the right to violate the memory of their courage and sacrifice. There are people still living in the village who remember being children here at the time.

Bradwell Bay airfield played such a huge role in keeping our country free, saving lives and protecting our society.

What vandalism on the part of our local planning authority if BRB are allowed to destroy our history.

Jean Allen

Mill End