DAY trippers have been told to “grow up and take responsibility” after several beaches and beauty spots were left mired by rubbish.

Record-breaking heatwaves across Essex last week saw thousands of tourists flock to the likes of Clacton, Walton and Dedham.

Families basked in the 29C temperatures on the packed sandy beaches or took to the countryside to enjoy wide open spaces.

Although tourism bosses will be encouraged by the volume of visitors despite the ongoing pandemic, residents have been left appalled by the mess left behind by disrespectful visitors.

Lolly-Marie Tee, from Clacton, said she was disheartened to see the state of the seafront following the surge in visitors to the town.

“It was sad to see the amount of rubbish left on the beach, and a shame given how clean it has been during the lockdown,” she said.

“The bins were so full, there was rubbish left next to them, which the seagulls enjoyed.

“If you cannot bin it, take it home.

“Visitors and residents have to take responsibility for their rubbish and should clean up after themselves.”

Picturesque Dedham also suffered a similar fate with bags of waste left piled-up near the River Stour.

It comes after Dedham Parish Council decided to remove litter bins near Brook Street in a bid to cut flytipping.

Darius Laws, former Conservative Party leader on Colchester Council, slammed visitors for leaving the village in a mess.

“People need to grow up and take responsibility,” he said.

“If you turn up in a park and there isn’t a bin, you take your rubbish home.

“People need to recognise it is a privilege to be there and that trust is being abused.

“It is embarrassing, unacceptable and has to do stop.”

Resident Kate Prestidge added: “It’s incredibly sad to see our beautiful countryside being disrespected in this way.

“As a direct result, the lives of the wildlife we are so fortunate to have inhabit this area being put at risk.

“We live in a wonderful part of the world but it is shocking and deeply upsetting to see our village being disrespected and neglected through the littering and blatant disregard of the polite requests asking that visitors take their rubbish home with them.”

“No doubt we all went to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this area of outstanding natural beauty but currently that privilege is being abused.”