No new deaths due to coronavirus have been recorded at the trust which runs Colchester Hospital.

The latest figures, which are for deaths recorded up to 5pm on Wednesday, show the last death was on Friday.

It means the death toll at the East Suffolk and North Essex Trust is 346 since the beginning of the pandemic.

There were seven new deaths due to Covid-19 recorded in Essex.

It comes as an average of 51,000 people in private households in England had Covid-19 at any given time between June 8 and June 21, according to new estimates from the Office for National Statistics.

This was the equivalent of 0.09 per cent of the population, or around one in 1,100 individuals.

The figures do not include people staying in hospitals, care homes or other institutional settings.

The ONS said its estimates suggested the percentage testing positive has “clearly decreased over time” since the first measurement on April 26 and that “this downward trend has now flattened”.

The ONS figures also suggest that between June 8 and June 21 there were an estimated four new Covid-19 infections for every 10,000 individuals per week in private households in England – the equivalent of an estimated 22,000 new cases per week.