THE return of an exhilarating and revved-up road race has been confirmed after this year’s ground-breaking event was cancelled because of coronavirus.

The Corbeau Seats Rally, which is organised by the Chelmsford Motor Club, is a closed-road rally car race which has taken place in Clacton for the past two years.

This year’s motorsport weekender was scheduled to be part of the prestigious British Rally Championship, but organisers had to put the brakes on due to the pandemic.

Bosses have now, however, announced plans to ensure the race’s return next April, after title sponsor, Corbeau Seats, recommitted to the thrilling event.

Event director, Tony Clements, has confirmed a permit application for the running of the Clacton rally has been made to Motorsport UK.

“I am really pleased that our title sponsor, Corbeau Seats, has been able to make an early commitment to the 2021 rally,” he said.

“This continuity is very reassuring and allows us to proceed with all the planned enhancements from 2020.

“This includes the Saturday evening seafront special stages and provisional inclusion in the 2021 British Rally Championship.”

When the rally first started in 2018, it marked the country’s first, following a change in legislation regarding motorsport events being held on closed public roads.

Tendring Council backed the initial proposal for the road race in Clacton and from just the first year to the second, it grew in both popularity and ambition.

This year’s event would have once again seen it taken up gear, with the installation of spectator stages on the seafront from which petrolheads could see cars whizz by.

Corbeau Seats boss, Victor Lee, however, said Chelmsford Motor Club’s decision to pull the race, before even being told to do so, helped to secure his sponsorship.

“I was very impressed with the prompt way that they dealt with the announcement to postpone the event, even before the Government Lockdown was imposed, to protect the people of Tendring, competitors and organisers.

“As it worked out, the early decision was the right one, and prevented all concerned making any unnecessary commitments, financial or personal.

“While these past three months of lockdown have been as difficult for Corbeau as for everyone, we are still keen to support Chelmsford Motor Club next year.

“We hope that an early confirmation may inspire confidence among the Club’s other sponsors.”

The provisional date for the third Corbeau Seats Rally, in Clacton, is April 24 and 25.