A STRANDED fisherman had to be rescued by a lifeboat crew, despite sharing his name with a fictional spy accustomed to wriggling out of tricky situations.

Dedicated volunteers at the Walton and Frinton RNLI lifeboat station were called into action by the HM Coastguard on Saturday afternoon at about 12pm.

The agencies had received reports of a broken-down fishing vessel, measuring 28-feet, which was drifting approximately five miles North East of the station.

Three men were onboard the stranded craft, including one named James Bond, but, unlike his namesake, he was unable to the overcome the dangers without help.

Thanks to the many sandbanks in the area, however, the crew on the boat was able to temporarily anchor, while waiting for further assistance.

After a short while, the lifeboat team – using the Irene Muriel Rees - met up with the fishermen and proceeded to tow the craft towards its home port on the River Deben.

Crossing the busy Harwich Harbour approaches along the way, the lifeboat was then met at the mouth of river by the Felixstowe Ferry Harbour Masters.

From here, the boat was escorted into mooring, and, after taking on fuel in Harwich, the Walton and Frinton lifeboat made its way back to its berth at Walton Pier.

Shortly after the incident, the volunteer team who rescued the drifting boat were sent a supportive message from one of the fishermen onboard.

It was at this point they discovered one of men they had pulled to safety shared his name with the historic and celebrated film character.

“Afterwards one of the occupants of the craft messaged the station,” said a spokesman for the Walton and Frinton RNLI lifeboat station.

“The crew were surprised to find that it was a person who shared his name with the famous fictional spy James Bond.

“He told them ‘thanks for helping us today after we experienced engine failure. We will make a donation to your station funds'.”