CAMPAIGNERS fighting plans for a new nuclear power station at Bradwell are calling for the proposals to be scrapped.

Opposition group Banng – Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group – has prepared a 13,000-word response to the stage one public consultation.

It says the Bradwell site is “unsustainable, unsuitable and unacceptable”.

The Bradwell B project is a joint operation between CGN and EDF Energy.

Banng chairman Andy Blowers said: “This is not a done deal as CGN would have us believe. A new nuclear power station is not needed, and especially it is not needed at this site.”

Campaigners say the site is not sustainable because climate change and rising sea levels leave it at risk of flooding.

They also say it will destroy the landscape.

Mr Blowers said: “The blunt truth is that we cannot tell what conditions will be like by the end of the century let alone beyond, when highly radioactive spent fuel and other nuclear wastes will still be on a site that could be unviable.

“Bradwell B would savage a landscape, community and environment that can never be replicated or replaced. To pursue the project in the face of such destructiveness would be an act of reckless irresponsibility.”

There are also fears over the impact an accident would have.

A Banng spokesman said: “Despite every effort to reduce risks, accidents can, and do, happen.

“The chances may be small but the consequences are huge, and on the scale of Fukushima, potentially affecting an area of half a million people including large towns like Colchester, Chelmsford and Southend.

“However remote, the possibility of radioactivity spreading cannot be ruled out and in that eventuality it could have catastrophic consequences.”

The deadline to respond to the public consultation is Wednesday, July 1.