I was amazed at the constant stream of families, cyclists, runners passing by on the seawall at Bradwell Waterside heading towards the power station and more precisely the beach in front of it.

You get to know the locals, and these weren’t. “Why are so many people coming here?” I asked a friend.

He replied: “There’s an app out called ‘secret beaches’ and Bradwell beach is the only one mentioned in Essex.” It has now been discovered and the remoteness stolen.

But this is nothing compared to the devastation that building a new nuclear power station here will cause.

It’s sad to see how many properties are for sale in the area now with the prospect of continuous lorries thundering past their houses, filling the now quiet lanes with noise and exhaust fumes (call that carbon neutral?), and up to 12 years of it.

Thousands of workers living close to the tiny village, noise from construction, light pollution to our dark skies, most of this unique and special area covered by this gargantuan ugly, potentially dangerous, unwanted monster that the Chinese Communist Government will largely be in control of, are our politicians out of their minds?

Our local MP Mr Whittingdale, is broadly speaking in favour of it as he says the benefits outweigh the negatives, for who?

Not his own constituents or our neighbours across the river on Mersea Island.

We are all depressed enough with this virus totally ruining our lives so please Mr Whittingdale, support the people who have loyally supported you for many years and fight with us to stop Bradwell B now.

Lynne Leech

Katonia Avenue. Maylandsea