AN aspiring model is in the running to represent the UK in a global beauty pageant.

Dani Brant, 22, is hoping to win the upcoming Miss International UK competition in August after she was chosen to represent Essex in this year’s competition.

The overall winner of the contest will then proceed to the Miss International competition set to be held in Japan later this year where they will be up against representatives from 86 different countries.

Dani, who lives in Beadel Close, Witham, said: “I’ve been working my way up doing pageants over the last few years but this is the fourth biggest competition in the world so it’s a step up.

“It would be a dream come true to be chosen to represent the UK and a huge honour.

“I’m just really happy to be selected to represent Essex at the UK competition and hopefully I can go one step further.”

The Miss International UK contest has already been pushed back to August from June because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

It will probably take place with no audience and all contestants will have very limited interaction with each other because of social distancing rules.

Dani’s preparation has also been hampered because contestants are required to make appearances at charity events and demonstrate how they have been supporting the community.

Many of Dani’s scheduled appearances have been cancelled and she has only been able to complete two out of 100 so far.

Despite this, she remains hopeful she can complete some charity work before the competition starts.

She added: “Everything has been massively impacted by coronavirus. If the lockdown is eased then we will all be trying to get out as much as we can and support our communities.

“I have completed a sponsored bike ride during the lockdown for Macmillan but I hope I can do some more things before the competition takes place.

“It’s going be very strange if we have to do it without an audience and it is also going to be hard for judges to interact with us and get to know our personalities.

“But it’s a case of everyone doing their best and hopefully it will still be able to go ahead.”