OUR adorable pets are undoubtedly at their happiest when we, their loving owners, are at home giving them bundles of our undivided attention.

Although for many the lockdown has been difficult, and at times claustrophobic, our four-legged furry friends have been in their element and determined to lap-up all the belly rubs and sofa cuddles while they can.

But their unrelenting yearning for our love and adulation isn’t always just part of a sneaky and cunning plan to gain access to the treat jar.

Sometimes, it is a true display of the pure, emotional connection they have with their owners, which can topple over into anxiety and concern when the house is empty.

Rose Tibble, from Clacton, for example, adores her rescue dog Lilly, but when she is not around, she will often be on edge, pining for her owner to return.

If only temporarily, the last few weeks of isolation, which has confined many to their homes, have helped to put Lilly’s worrying nature at ease.

“My Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lilly, is a gorgeous, 11-year-old rescue dog,” she said.

“She has separation anxiety from me so this lockdown has really been great for her.”

Other pups have been over the moon, following their owners around at home all day.

But only until it comes to bath time.

“Our dog, Oreo, was loving us being home every day until we made her have a shower,” said Sam Ransley, 33.

Here’s some of our other readers enjoying quality time with their pets.