HUNDREDS of key workers who have risked their own lives to save others have been thanked by the community across north Essex.

At this time of trouble, we want to bring you the incredible stories of our community pulling together like never before.

We asked you to nominate you key worker heroes and they have continued to pour in. Here are some more messages of support to those on the frontline.

Jan and Dave Reynolds, from Holland-on-Sea nominated Angela and Kevin Clapham. They said: “Angela lives in Holland-on-Sea and travels at early hours to Romford Hospital as a radiographer treating Covid-19 patients with ward X-rays putting her own life at risk for these patients.

“Kevin is an ambulance driver based at Weeley. I would like to give a mention as they work their socks off doing overtime in this outbreak.”

Sally King nominated her brother-in-law, David Laughlin. She said: “He gets up at around 11.30pm and drives to Hovis in east London to go to work where he then drives his lorry to deliver bread to the supermarkets and doesn’t return home till around 4pm the next day.

“It would be lovely to see his name along with all the other super heroes keeping our nation going through this tough time.”

Michael Ellis nominated his wife, Carly Ellis. He said: “She is managing director of Peace of Mind home support in Clacton.

“They are a fabulous team who go above and beyond their duties to make people’s lives better and truly believe they deserve a big thank you for their service to the public.”

Nadine Povey said: “I’d like to nominate Toni Burke who works at Belamacanda, Little Clacton. She is a senior carer and also a single mum-of-three.

“She has worked nights, days and picked up extras when we have been short. And then she has gone home and been an amazing mum to her three children.

“She goes above and beyond on every shift to make sure all the residents are entertained and happy.”

Michelle Wellsteed nominated the staff and carers at Little Holland Hall Care Home. She said: “They go above and beyond to ensure every resident is kept safe, happy and well with regular family updates and telephone calls. We know mum is happy and receiving best possible care with them.”

Liz and Stuart Richadon said: “We would like to nominate all the doctors and staff at Great Bentley surgery; they are working hard for all of their patients at this unprecedented time, they keep us informed of what they are doing and continue to encourage us to contact them if we need to.

“They advise us on Facebook of what they are doing to keep themselves safe and how they will keep patients safe if they need face-to-face appointments.

“We would also like to nominate Diple Patel and his staff at Hutts pharmacy, The Square, Shrub End in Colchester. It is an excellent pharmacy and are always happy to help in any way they can.

“Mr Patel is kind and will do what he can to help and assist his customers.”

Roger Bradshaw nominated his daughter Julie Bradshaw. He said: “She works in the Sterile Services Unit at Colchester Hospital. Their department is responsible for collecting, washing, packing and sterilising all the instruments used in the operating theatres.

“All the department deserves a mention but I think Julie deserves a special mention as she continues to work despite having heart failure due to dilated cardiomyopathy.”

Here are just some of the thousands of key workers who deserve our gratitude: Danielle Hughes-Day, Samantha Retter, Angela and Kevin Clapham, David Laughlin, Carly Ellis, Adam Castell, Jacob Charters, Sharnie Richie, Maddy Neville, Victoria Brough, Kirsty Smith, Louise Nason, Emma Lewis, Megan Donnelly, Morgan Davis, Morgan Onslow, Toni Burke, Diple Patel, Debbie Read, Terri Rensink, Melody Carslake, Alison Pettitt, Julie Bradshaw, Simon Lee Morgan, Jo Lee-Taylor, Jacqueline Derrick, Wendy Tame, Chloe Tame, Kelly Pidlisnyj, Brenda Cook, Maria Wiltsher, Cheryl Frost, Jade Cook, Eileen Griffiths Jade Day, Glyn Griffiths, Jody Knight, Sonia Bishop, Louise Bates, Stephanie Campbell, Lisa Ford, Danielle Campbell, Yvonne Tarrier, Margaret Crawford, Sadie Magee, Karen Chapman