LOVE is in the air after a smooth singer proposed to his girlfriend during a live-streamed performance.

Darren Elsey, 46, from Clacton, is a well-known singer-for-hire, who performs under the stage name, Darren Jay.

Since the nationwide lockdown, however, the part-time postman has instead been setting up his sound system in his back garden and entertaining neighbours with renditions of a range of classic tracks.

Each performance, which rings out every Sunday, has also been being streamed on social media to lift the spirits of people otherwise confined to their homes.

Earlier this month, Mr Elsey decided to use the modern technology to share one of the biggest moments of anyone’s life - a proposal.

Getting down on one knee during one his gigs - much to the shock of his partner, Emma Dell - the father-of-one popped the question as his friends and family from all over the world tuned in.

“We were due to go to Poland and I was planning on proposing on top of a mountain, but obviously that was not possible,” said Mr Elsey.

“So, I thought what better way than to propose online where everyone could be there.

“My daughter, who is also called Emma, was instrumental in the whole thing.

“We even had family from New Zealand and America watching - go big right?

“Emma was shocked and her face said it all really - she had no idea.”

The future Mrs Elsey, 34, met her husband-to-be two years ago and immediately hit it off with his 13-year-old-daughter.

Mr Elsey, who is a widower, says seeing the pair’s family-like relationship blossom only further encouraged him to propose.

“Emma is so special and her bond with my daughter is unreal,” added Mr Elsey.

“She is everything you could want in a partner.

“As my engagement present, she is even building me a bar in the garden - enough said.”

Miss Dell works as an engineer for the Royal Navy and could be deployed at any moment.

“Emma could be sent anywhere in the world, over the next two years, for either a couple of weeks or nine months,” he said.

“So we will have to wait, but when it does happen, it will be a memorable affair and awesome.”