HOLIDAY homeowners are “protesting hard” after being told they will not be reimbursed fees - despite not being able to use their caravans.

Parkdean Resorts runs 67 family caravan sites across England, Scotland, and Wales and is one of the largest holiday park operators in the country.

Their portfolio includes Highfield Grange and Valley Farm in Clacton, Weeley Bridge in Weeley, Naze Marine in Walton, and Coopers Beach on Mersea Island.

In March, the company was forced to shut all of its campuses following government advice regarding the pandemic in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.

This resulted in many caravan owners reporting that they had only been given a matter of hours to leave the sites, with some being left with nowhere else to go.

Two months on, Parkdean Resorts has again come under fire after telling caravan owners they will not be refunding any site fees accrued during the lockdown period.

An elderly couple’s incensed son, who has asked to remain anonymous, says his parents stay at the Mersea Island site for ten months of the year.

He has now blasted Parkdean bosses for charging its customers, and his parents, despite them not being able to access or user their caravans.

“I find the whole thing disgusting because my parents were thrown off the site but Parkdean are still asking for the pitch fee,” he said.

“Depending on where you are, it can cost up to £7,000 a year."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Terry Savage also owns a caravan on the Coopers Beach site, on Mersea Island, alongside is wife, Karen.

He says the couple have received an email from Parkdean Resorts telling them they will not get any of their site fees back.

“This is costing me and my wife £2,000 but we have not had anything for it, and owners are up in arms and protesting hard,” he said.

“We, as owners, do intend to fight this but we also just can’t just take our business elsewhere because most owners have a considerable investment in their homes and some can’t afford to just walk away and leave it.

“We need to highlight the tactics of Parkdean Resorts and challenge them.”

A spokesperson for Parkdean Resorts confirmed it would not be refunding site fees, but is looking at ways to financially support its customers.

“We understand that this is a frustrating and worrying time for everybody, and this is not the outcome that some owners had wanted.

"We value our relationship with owners and have a number of initiatives to support them at this time, including direct debit support and owner discounts on foods and drinks.

"We are doing all we can to ensure our owners can return to park and look forward to welcoming them back as soon as it is safe to do so.

“The pitch licence agreement allows owners to keep their holiday home on the park, in exchange for paying the pitch fee.

"It does not guarantee that the park will remain open or that owners will be able to use their holiday home at any particular time, especially in the event of a public health emergency such as this where the government has ordered entire industries to shut down.”