A TEENAGE girl has been left scared to leave the house after the same man approached her two days in a row trying to “walk with her”.

On Saturday at about 6.30pm, the 14-year-old girl was walking her dog near to where she lives on the Craylands estate, in Pitsea.

As she crossed the road, she crossed the path of a man aged between 18 and 22-years-old. He asked her: ‘Can I walk with you?’

The youngster replied ‘no’ and claims the man laughed and asked: ‘Why not?’

The man then began watching the teenager from nearby bushes.

On the following day, the same man was loitering in the same area at the same time, only this time he approached the teenager thinking she was alone again, but her mum was following just behind.

The girl’s 39-year-old mum, who did not want to be named, said: “She won’t go out now.

“The first incident left her a bit nervy but when it happened again on the Sunday outside our block, it left her frightened.

“It’s frightening for me and has been a big eye opener to us both.”

“After the first incident, where the man asked my daughter why he couldn’t walk with her, she called me to tell me what happened and said he had walked over the treeline by the bushes and was stood there watching her.”

The fearful mum added: “I’d been out to drop some shopping round to my friend’s who is high-risk and can’t get out, and on the way back I parked up and my daughter go out of the van and had started walking ahead of me only by a few yards.

“But we had to turn a corner so the man had seen her and not seen me.

“He was standing opposite our block but he had his back to the alleyway, so had we been walking the other way he would have been directly behind her without her seeing him.

“He watched her and as she walked up the stairs he shouted: ‘Hello, can I walk up the stairs with you?’

“My daughter shouted to out to me to tell me that was the same guy so I came running and started recording.

“I asked him if I could have a word and he just kept walking, and when I told him I was recording he ran off, so it was obvious he was up to no good.”

The mother wants to make other parents aware that children and teenagers may feel it’s safe to go out because it is still light, now that the weather is getting warmer, but to still have their guards up.

Essex Police confirmed the incidents has been reported and officers have launched an investigation. Anyone with information should call Essex Police on 101.