A FRONTLINE ambulance worker’s proud mum has slammed the “selfish” actions of anyone continuing to flout the rules in place because of coronavirus

Susan Baker’s daughter, Darcie, 20, from Clacton, works for the East of England Ambulance Service as an emergency care support worker. 

The community Samaritan started her career by helping people on the SOS bus in Colchester, before training as a volunteer community first responder.

After a short stint as an ambulance dispatcher in Chelmsford, and eight weeks of intense training, Darcie, who went to Clacton County High, eventually got on the road. 

She is based at the Clacton and Weeley stations and is now working tirelessly as a result of the current pandemic and putting her life at risk every day. 

Her mum, Susan, has called on the public to better respect the government’s advice in order to help protect and saves lives, including her daughter’s.

“I have seen so many people out and about in groups, going out as normal and having visitors come around, and I think it is very selfish,” she said.

“NHS and other key workers do not have the choice to stay at home and are risking their lives, while ignorant members of the public act like nothing is happening.

“It makes myself and my daughter so angry because there is just no respect – she is risking her health every single day.

“We are not being asked to fight a war, we are being told to stay at home, and if everyone was to support this, then the sooner life will get back to normal.”

In between working harder than ever because of coronavirus, Darcie is also currently on an Emergency Response Driving Course, which she is due to complete very soon.

Susan couldn’t be happier to see her daughter excel in a job she loves, but just a few years ago, the youngster was battling a crippling disease of her own. 

“I am one very proud mum, as at school Darcie was very ill with anorexia and was told that she would never get to where she wants to be,” said Susan. 

“But she has now been in recovery for about four years now and is doing her dream job that she feels very passionate about.

“She has had so much support from the service to get her where she is today.”