A RESILIENT young fighter battling a rare condition has been allowed to return home a month earlier than predicted after undergoing a life-changing cell transplant.

Ernie Toms, who is one, was diagnosed with Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome months after being born in 2018.

His diagnosis came at the same time his brother Reggie, three, was also battling the debilitating illness which causes immune systems to weaken.

The rare condition only affects between one and ten males in every million but can be life-threatening and life-limiting.

Reggie is now on the mend having undergone a bone marrow transplant but his parents Charlotte 31, and Lionel, 31, have endured further hospital visits after Ernie fell ill.

Thankfully, Ernie is now on the road to recovery after having a successful cell transplant. And he is responding well sooner than doctors had expected.

Charlotte said she was delighted to see her tot return to the family household where he will be reunited with brothers Reggie and George, who is seven.

“Our amazing boy has come home, just 27 days after his transplant,” she said. “This just shows what Ernie has achieved.

“We were always told to prepare ourselves to be in hospital for at least eight weeks because Ernie wasn’t able to sustain his weight and lost 2kg in less than a week.

“So, seeing Ernie ring the bell at the hospital, which meant he could go home, was an indescribable feeling,

“Having our three boys at home together for the first time in so long will never, ever be taken granted for again.”

Despite being allowed to return home for the first time in a month, Ernie still has a long way to go before he will be fully fighting fit and he is still having to have weekly trips to the hospital.

But, as Charlotte points out, he can now continue his journey from the comfort of his own home.

“This isn’t the end of Ernie’s journey by a long way,” said Charlotte.

“He has to have weekly check-ups at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where they do blood tests.

“He remains in isolation at home until his immune system starts to grow again.

“This is a long process and usually takes a year but knowing he can be at home for the rest of the journey is amazing.”

The family needs support for travel and anyone wanting to support can donate to Ernie’s journey by visiting tinyurl.com/wsbocq9.