A MUSIC enthusiast has brought people together by holding a live concert from his living room.

Mike Carran, who is best known to the community as the assistant director for economic growth and leisure for Tendring Council, held a live concert on his Facebook page.

Mr Carran, of Fronks Road, Dovercourt, who says he can’t pass his guitar without picking it up, said initially his friends suggested the idea but he now plans to hold a live concert fortnightly.

He said: “Obviously, I play around and have been doing for a couple of years and after my friends suggested it, I said ‘Why not, it will be fun’.

“The most surprising and nice thing to me was how many people interacted with me and each other on social media.

“It was a way to keep in touch, music brings people together.

“It was a really interactive and a positive thing for me as well as for other people.”

In the days leading up to the concert, Mr Carran asked people to suggest songs and he also learnt new songs for the occasion.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

His performance include covers of songs from the Killers to Ed Sheeran and Queen as well as some of his originals.

“I wrote a song about the current situation, about being isolated and how people stepped up on the frontlines,” he added.

“My family were tuning in from all over the place, from Wales, Florida, Canada and Portugal and it was quite special.

“I had many friends, neighbours and residents of Harwich, but also had people watching from all over the world.

“It was amazing to be in touch with my family in the same time.”

The acoustic guitar and drums player said it is good how technology can bring people together.

He said: “I was quite overwhelmed because it was strange playing in that environment from my living room.

“The next day when I read the comments I was quite taken aback by them.”

Mr Carran has been playing the guitar since he was seven and played in a band called Firetown when he was 15.

“I stopped playing the guitar when I was 25 and then I had a huge period when I didn’t do anything with music,” he said. “But now, I love it again. It’s my hobby.”

Mike is also offering an online beginner’s guide on his Facebook page.