FRUSTRATED residents and business owners were swept up in knee-deep water on a road in Colchester notorious for flooding.

Firms say flooding on Wednesday around the Haven Road area in Hythe was as bad as they’ve ever seen.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been invested by Essex County Council, Colchester Council and the Environment Agency to try and solve the problem, however traders say flooding still takes place on a regular basis.

Allan Berry, director of Smart Insulations, took a photo of the water levels from inside his work van at around 1pm. He owns one of the business units, which he leases to Anytime Fitness.

“One of my work colleagues went past at 4pm and it was just as bad,” Mr Berry said.

“I have friends who walked down there and they said the water was up to their knees.The worst thing about it is the tide was low when it was so flooded.

“It is a regular occurrence and it blocks traffic right up. Sometimes it is like a swimming pool.

“I feel so sorry for the poor businesses down there as they’re suffering.”

He added: “Whatever the authorities have done clearly hasn’t worked.”

Steve Byerley, works at Velvis car dealership in Haven Road, which is one of the worst affected businesses.

He said: “Being used to the problem does not make it easier for us. Flooding has become an almost a daily occurrence.”

“It has got so bad we have started selling boats,” he joked.

Ward councillor Lee Scordis (Lab, Old Heath and Hythe) said residents and firms were within their rights to demand a resolution to the problem.

“Work has been done on the drains so it does not flood when there is heavy rain any more, it is to do with the tides,” he said.

“What we need is our river to be dredged, which would cost millions of pounds. We need our MP to lobby for funding to do this.

“I can understand the frustration and why businesses have left the area.

“When there are problems there it brings that side of Colchester to a standstill.”

Essex County Council said the flooding was the responsibility of Anglia Water and the Environment Agency.

Anglia Water told The Gazette the issue was not down to the firm’s assets.