VANDALS have trashed a string of beach huts along Dovercourt seafront, for the second time this month.

More than 50 beach huts were targeted in West End Lane on Wednesday night, according to a post on Harwich and Dovercourt Beach Hut Association's Facebook page.

The post said beach hut numbers one to 56 were nearly all damaged.

It added: "We are making a list of huts at the moment if you can get down to help or check your hut please do we are doing our best to contact all."

This is the eighth wrecking spree along the beach front in the past 12 months.

The last incident was in the early hours of Monday, February 3.

A total of six huts were broken into and a further three were damaged.

Residents have hit out about the damage on Facebook.

Glynis Zimmermann said: "I don’t have a beach hut down there, but feel so sorry for those guys that do.

"With all this bad weather too, what a mess and expense to deal with.

"But why? Does it cause them happiness and satisfaction? Mindless idiots."

Shelley Bird said: "I can't believe idiots are really that low they have to destroy and vandalise people's little happy places.

"It's absolutely soul destroying and for what?"

Yvonne Heywood added: "Why do these kids think it’s ok to do this?

"Do they think it’s funny or clever?"

A Tendring Council spokesman said: “We deplore vandalism of any kind, including break-ins to beach huts, and urge anyone with information about who may have committed these crimes to contact the police.

“We regularly hold meetings with beach hut associations in Tendring, and preventing crime is a standing agenda item - no doubt we will be discussing this incident in more detail then.”

Harwich and Dovercourt Beach Hut Association has been contacted for further comment.

If you saw anything suspicious call Essex Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.