A WILDLIFE lover has lashed out at a conservation charity after it left a 20ft metal container next to a beloved nature reserve.

Pauline Chumbley, lives in Hall Lane, in Walton, and has been a member of Essex Wildlife Trust for more than 30 years.

She assists the trust by unofficially ensuring no unauthorised people disturb the make-up of the Barnes Spinney Nature Reserve or the fauna which live there.

But Ms Chumbley has been left upset after the trust placed a rusty metal container directly opposite her home.

The clunky eyesore has been placed next to the seaside town’s nature reserve, which Ms Chumbley takes great pride in looking out for.

Previously, a more discreet, green-coloured container was on the site, which was hidden behind a hedge and “nowhere near as unsightly as the new one”.

Despite her dedication to the green space, she was not consulted about the container and had to ask a local warden from the trust what it was being used for.

Ms Chumbley was told its purpose would merely be to house a shovel, wheelbarrow and small lawnmower, which she believes could be put in the trust’s on-site sheds.

She said: “The container is far too big for its purpose and is a really ugly metal object which spoils the nature reserve’s appearance.

“They don’t need this container and it really is horrendous.

“It is making the area look like an industrial site.

“The reserve already has a large shed set back against shrubbery, which blends in nicely and is appropriate.

“I am trying to get this one removed because they are supposed to be creating an area of natural beauty, but they aren’t doing that here.

“This is a eyesore.”

Ms Chumbley said the trust’s landscape conservation area manager had agreed to meet with her, but cancelled the day before the appointment.

But the organisation says it is working with Pauline to find a solution.

“Our landscape conservation area manager is already in direct contact with the resident,” it said.

“They’re working together to achieve the best possible outcome for her and the beautiful nature reserve.”