RESIDENTS in Clacton have been thanked by Essex Police for their co-operation and understanding after a Section 60 Authority was put in place.

Over a 48 hour period, which started at 4pm on Wednesday, nearly 60 people were stopped and searched by officers. 

The additional powers had been given to officers following an incident on Wednesday afternoon where it was reported two people with knives had been involved in a disturbance in Pier Avenue, Clacton.

In total 58 people were stopped and search and thankfully no weapons were found.

Three people were dealt with for possession of cannabis.

Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 is essentially an extension of the stop and search powers the force's officers already use regularly.

The way it differs from the regular stop and search powers is that it means officers do not need to have reasonable grounds to stop someone.

Due to this, there is an obligation to make the public aware when one is in place, the area it covers, and how long it will be in place for.

Inspector Darren Deex, from the Tendring Community Policing Team, said: “Section 60 Authorities are really useful tools to help keep our communities safe.

“On this occasion we did not find anyone carrying a weapon and that’s really positive.

“I want to thank the public for their co-operation and their understanding while the Section 60 Authority was in place.

“We will use all the tools and resources at our disposal to prevent harm and this is just another way we’re keeping you safe.”