A BATHROOM went up in flames after a portable gas heater caught alight.

Firefighters were called to a house in Penfold Road, Clacton, just after 9.20am today.

The crews had received reports of a house fire and on arrival found that a portable gas heater, which had been used to heat the property's bathroom, had caught alight.

Firefighters quickly surrounded the fire and extinguished it by 9.58am, but as a result, the bathroom suffered both fire and water damage.

The kitchen, which is located below the bathroom, also suffered water damage.

Watch manager, Kieran Warner, from Clacton Fire Station, said: "When the residents discovered the fire they closed the doors, got themselves and their pets our of the house and called 999, which was absolutely the right thing to do.

"The fire started after a pipe on the gas heater failed, resulting in gas escaping and catching fire.

"We recommend that anyone using gas heaters get them serviced and checked regularly.

"We also advise against leaving portable heaters unattended."