A HOSPICE is proposing to alter its car park to create more spaces for staff and patients.

St Helena Hospice in Colchester has applied to Colchester Council for permission to alter and extend its car park.

The changes would create 30 extra spaces, bringing numbers up from 92 to 122, of which 106 will be for staff.

A design and access statement said: “As the demands and future needs for the hospice grow, [there is a] greater need to provide additional onsite parking, not only for staff but visitors.

“In recent times a greater amount of cars linked to the hospice have been required to park on neighbouring side streets, causing issues with neighbours.”

In 2010 the hospice received planning permission for a proposed car park extension within the grassed area to the east, by the main entrance.

This work is now complete but the new proposal seeks to make alterations to the layout.

The hospice in Barncroft Close also received planning permission to provide extra accommodation last year.

With this proposed addition the hospice wants to reconfigure parking.

One element is to create more space within the courtyard to create a bigger staff room and additional bedrooms.There will also be a separate staff dining room.

The parking proposal will mean 122 spaces will be provided - 106 for staff, 16 for visitors, as well as four motorbike spaces and 16 pedal bike spaces in covered stores.

The design statement said: “With the proposal including additional inpatient beds, there is greater requirement for staff, for the growth and future of the hospice and its needs.

“The hospice consists of permanent day and night staff with the help additionally from volunteers.”

“Together they amount to a total of 103 staff that work during the day and eight that work through the night.

“Once the expansion has been completed the staff numbers are increased to 117 day staff consisting of permanent and volunteer mix and 17 during the night.

“The increase in staff numbers will require the staff facilities to be of appropriate sizes and suitability, this

includes for providing adequate parking within the hospice.”