A warning has been issued after a mother and daughter were rescued after getting into difficulty close to the spot where a teenager drowned.

Clacton’s Beach Patrol and Clacton RNLI were called to the waters east of Clacton Pier at about 12.45pm on Sunday.

The incident happened in the same area where Ben Quartermaine, 15, got into difficulty before he tragically drowned on July 26.

The pair, one in their twenties and the others in her forties, had been swimming in the waters off east beach before getting into trouble.

A spokesman for Tendring Council’s beach patrol said: “Pier security informed the beach patrol and pier staff threw a life ring out to them.

“One member of beach patrol began to swim out however the beach patrol jet ski arrived first with two members on board.

“One woman was helped onto the jet ski and the other oto a rescue board.

“Both were taken ashore on west beach and taken to the beach patrol station to be checked over.

“An ambulance was called as the women had taken on water. Both were conscious at all times and were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.”

Clacton RNLI’s D Class lifeboat was also called to the scene.

Crew spokesman Richard Wigley said: “Two crew members were put ashore, one being an A&E nurse, to see if assistance was needed.

“At the same time the oncall doctors arrived who stayed with casualties until paramedics arrived, allowing the crew to return to the lifeboat.

“This incident happened on the east side of Clacton Pier, in area close to where Ben Quartermaine got into difficulty.

“We would advise anyone swimming in the sea to check weather and tide times, to carry a means of calling for help and to read safety signs.

“They should also be aware of hazards and, where possible, only swim on patrolled beaches, such as that to the west of Clacton Pier.”

Following the rescue, the lifeboat was then requested by the coastguard to investigate an upturned inflatable with the two occupants in the water.

The swimmers were okay but safety advice was offered by the crews.

The crew also launched their D Class lifeboat at the request of UK Coastguard to a person in the water east of Clacton Pier last Wednesday at 11.45pm.

As they arrived at the scene, the crew spotted two Essex Police officers holding a casualty above the water.

A spokesman said: “The casualty was taken aboard the lifeboat while the two police officers made their own way ashore.

“The lifeboat returned to station where paramedics arrived and transferred the casualty to hospital.”