THERE were congratulations and jubilations for a lifelong Cliff Richard fan when she received a signed photo of the evergreen popstar.

Maggie Taylor, 71, has dreamed of meeting her idol for years.

She lives at Corner Lodge care home in Jaywick.

The home has a special 'wishing tree' so staff can help make residents' dreams come true .

Maggie asked for Sir Cliff – who has sold more than 250million records worldwide – to visit Corner Lodge and sing to her.

Activities co-ordinator Debbie Collins said: "It was a long shot I wasn't going to let that get the better of me.

"I found out the details of Sir Cliff's fan club and sent them an email to ask if he would come to Corner Lodge to meet one of his lifelong fans and do an afternoon performance for her and all the residents."

A few weeks later, Debbie received an email from the fan club secretary to say that unfortunately Sir Cliff, 77, was very busy abroad for most of the year so would not be able to make Maggie's wish come true.

However, she would be sending her a little surprise in the post.

Debbie said: "A month later, Maggie got a lovely surprise and received a signed picture of Sir Cliff addressed to her.

"Maggie was overwhelmed. She wouldn't put the picture down and stared lovingly at it all day."

It's not the first time the home has tried to tempt stars and celebrities to Corner Lodge.

Two years ago, Debbie sent an invite to Dolly Parton.

The queen of country was also busy but sent her adoring fan John Gubbins a signed photo of herself.

Debbie said: "It's all about going above and beyond to make the lives of our residents special, fulfilled and memorable."

The home is now hoping to get a Dolly Parton tribute act to open its new dementia garden.