An enterprising dad kept his children entertained while on lockdown by throwing them a dinner party, complete with a tuxedo-clad waiter.

Ben Moore, from West Sussex, waited on his children, Milo, 12 and Nancy, five, as they ate at the dining table.

In a video liked more than 30,000 times on Twitter, Mr Moore offers a bottle of milk to Milo in the style of a restaurant sommelier and pours a drop into a wine glass for his son to sample, before a full glass is served.

“Nice to meet a man with a taste for fine milk, sir,” Mr Moore says after pouring the drink.

He is then called on by his daughter, who he refers to as “madam”, as she requires assistance cutting a chicken breast into bite-sized portions.

Mr Moore, 42, who works as a reporter for the BBC, also laid the table with flowers and candles to replicate the full restaurant experience.