A CYCLIST, who has been knocked off his bike 30 times, has said dangerous drivers make him fear for his life.

Alan Spink, 42, of Salvia Close, Clacton cycles seven miles to work at McDonalds as a maintenance worker every day.

He said: “My journeys to work are hell because of how close some drivers get to me.

“I fear for my life every day."

Mr Spink, who always wears a helmet and brightly coloured clothing, now films his journeys on a bike mounted video camera (see below) and reported nuisance drivers to the police.

But he said police have told him they are powerless to act unless an offence is committed. An Essex Police spokesman said they had received Mr Spink’s complaints and viewed his video footage.

The spokesperson said: “Although no offence appears to have been committed we would urge motorists to be careful.”