A CINEMA has apologised after showing an advert for a 15 certificate horror movie during the screening of a children’s film.

Youngsters were left horrified after turning up with their parents to see the PG-rated Lego Movie at Clacton’s Century Cinema in Pier Avenue on Sunday.

Before the film was screened an advert was shown for new television series Bates Motel. It is a prequel to the 1960 Hitchcock movie Psycho.

One dad, who took his son to see the film, said: “It was a bit bizarre as one of the adverts was for Christmas at Tesco.

“Then this advert came on for Bates Motel. It wasn’t too graphic, but a bit creepy and scary for the children.

“Some of the parents sitting near me said they were shocked that it had been shown as there was a 15 symbol flashed up when it started, and the Lego film was a U certificate.”

Adam Cunard, general manager of the Picturedrome Electric Theatre group, apologised to customers.

“The advert was in for one show on Saturday. It was a mistake and was taken out straight away,” he said. All I can do is apologise.”