JAYWICK residents are furious after their beaches were turned into a construction site at the height of the summer season.

Wind farm company Dong is using a half-mile stretch of the beach to weld a massive pipe together.

The pipe will be towed out to sea and used to install a mass of cables under the sea, linking two new offshore wind turbines to a power station.

But nearby residents are angry that the giant construction project has robbed them of their beach.

Mick Masterson, of Jaywick said: “This is the absolute height of the summer season, and it is when Jaywick is at its best.

“Our beaches are fantastic, and people living around here have their friends and families coming to stay and spend time on the beach.

“People are very angry. Not only is it affecting the beach at the worst possible time, but we were barely given any notice of it."

The affected area of beach runs from Lion’s Point in Jaywick to the boundary near Clacton golf course.

Work will go on until around September 11.

Dong has told residents the site will be fenced off during that time for health and safety reasons, and apologised for any inconvenience caused.