CHARITY bosses are stunned after being targeted by crooks for the third time this year.

Bogus collectors snatched hundreds of pounds worth of donations left out for the PDSA in Great Bentley.

The stolen goods would have been used to provide free treatment for sick and injured pets.

Clacton store manager Kelly Denby said: “I cannot understand how people can steal from a charity.

"We usually pick up 100 to 120 sacks on a round, however the stock collector only managed to pick up 30 on recent trips.

"A concerned member of the public the saw a white van picking up PDSA bags and called us to report it."

She urged anyone with information to contact the police.

Kelly added: "I’m sure our supporters would be devastated to know their kind donations weren’t helping sick and injured pets.”

Genuine PDSA collectors drive blue vans and carry official identity badges.