LAND earmarked for a new nuclear power station in Bradwell is up for sale.

EDF Energy own the land, across the water from West Mersea and next to the former power station, but are unable to build on it because of an agreement as part of the Government’s nuclear strategy.

The agreement means EDF Energy can’t build on Bradwell and Sizewell so will have to sell the land which has been shortlisted as a prime nuclear site.

Marjorie Barnes, spokesman for EDF Energy, said: “The sale process of EDF land at Bradwell, as per the undertaking EDF Energy made to the UK government as part of the acquisition of British Energy, has commenced and is ongoing.

“In accordance with this, any sale agreed will be conditional on the ratification of the Government's Nuclear national policy statement and on EDF Energy obtaining planning consent for two European pressurised water reactors (EPR) at its site at Sizewell.”

Campaign group Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group (Banng), with considerable support in West Mersea, are trying to stop a second power station being built on the site.

But the group was dealt another blow when the coalition agreed that Bradwell was an appropriate site.