A TECHNOLOGY conscious nursing home has just installed state-of-the-art computer equipment...now they just need to teach the residents how to use it.

Corner House care home in Clacton now boasts six high-tech computers, including three laptops, which all have webcams, voice recognition software and Skype.

The equipment was bought at the residents' request.

The new gear is particularly welcome for resident Victor Newitt, 87, whose nearest family is in Australia.

He said: “To be able to talk to them and see them on the computer will be great. It is wonderful to feel connected like that. I think most people will use them once they get used to them and know how to use them.

“This is a good home but you're isolated. A lot of people never see their families. At 87 you think that's my life over, but if I can see the family and they can see me online then it's not over,” he added.

Residents who want one will have an email account set up for them to make it easier to keep in touch with family, and even a Facebook account if they want one.

Activities coordinator Tracy Josko said: “Using the computers will help to keep the residents' minds active.

“It will also help some of our more forgetful people. They can go on the internet and see pictures of their first school or first place of work.

“It's a chance for them to really live again instead of just being bunged off and forgotten. I think we are going to start having queues to use them.”

Victor is helped out by a friend who teaches him some IT basics, and Tracy says they need people to do the same with the others.

This isn't the first time the home has introduced new technology. They also own a Nintendo Wii games console, and after initially being wary of it residents loves to use it, particularly the bowling and quiz games.