MORE mysterious lights have been spotted in the skies above Tendring, sparking a flurry of UFO reports.

The Gazette reported last week how UFO-sceptic John Tarrier saw unidentified flying objects over Jaywick.

Three days later, Sue Alderton also had a close encounter.

She went into the garden of her house in Havering Close, Clacton, at 10pm.

“I noticed three bright orange, glowing, lights to the west – quite big in size," she said.

“They just appeared and were travelling from east to west. They were quite high up and seemed to be travelling fairly fast.

“My husband also witnessed this."

Chinese lanterns are often mistaken for UFOs as they float into the sky.

But Sue insisted: “There is no way these were Chinese lanterns.”

Brenda Scragg has also seen strange lights over her Clacton home more than once.

“There were three lights like a helicopter’s flying in formation.

“I’m not a UFO-type of person and I used to be in the RAF, so I know it wasn’t a helicopter. I thought it was really strange because there was no noise.”

There were more reports on Saturday night, but Tracey White, of Purley Way, said she has the explanation.

“My 16-year-old daughter, Natasha, was at a party down by the airfield and they were letting off Chinese lanterns.”