WIND energy production in the UK has passed four gigawatts – thanks to Clacton’s offshore wind farm.

Nine turbines at the Gunfleet Sands Wind Farm, which is under construction about four-and-a-half miles from the resort, have already been commissioned and have started to produce electricity.

Peter Sills, spokesman for Danish power giant Dong Energy, which is building the wind farm, said 30 turbines have been installed so far.

“We have nine turbines generating at the moment and that has pushed the national capacity over four gigawatts,” he said.

The nine turbines produce enough energy to power 22,500 homes and has pushed the national figure over the four gigawatt milestone – which means that more than 2.3 million homes are now powered by wind energy.

It is expected that all the turbines will be put up by the end of the year and will be connected to the National Grid by next spring.

Once completed, the 48-turbine facility will cater for 120,000 homes – about 20 per cent of homes in Essex.