A BLUEPRINT for a £350,000 scout centre has been unveiled.

The eco-friendly log cabin style building in Valley Road, Clacton, will include a climbing wall and a canoe store, if it gets the green light.

Scouting bosses have wanted to replace the site’s dilapidated hut for years.

A successful application in 2003 has expired but the new proposal has given the organisation fresh hope.

Tendring District Scouts chairman Andy Harper, who has headed up the project for the last eight months, said: “We are quite excited.

“It will be made out of sustainable materials and it looks quite spectacular.

“Scouting is getting a lot of good press at the moment about its ethos and morals.

“If we can encourage more kids to come, we get about 200 a week at the moment, we can get them doing the right kind of activities.”

Mr Harper said the new building will give the organisation the scope to run a third troupe and be used by other groups.

The planning application describes the existing hut as dilapidated, uninsulated with an asbestos roof and no longer fit for purpose.

The replacement centre will cover nearly 500 square metres - about 25 per cent bigger.

A prefabricated log cabin system imported from Canada will be used.

It will collect rainwater and solar panels will be used for heating water.

It will include a double height hall space to accommodate a badminton court and an alcove will house a climbing wall.

Mr Harper said a fundraising drive will follow if the application is approved.

“The main crux of what we’ve got to do is continue to raise funds - it’s a big investment for us as a scout organisation,” he continued.

“We are doing fairly well but we aren’t ready to start digging foundations yet.

“We hope local firms will get involved in the plumbing, heating and glazing side of things.

“We will be applying for grants, we hope to get a reasonable amount from the scouting organisation and our scout shop in Old Road does quite well.

“We hope there will be people out there interested in making this happen.”

Tendring Council hopes to determine the application by February 18.