CHARITY workers were devastated when they failed to save the life of a baby boy who had been operated on at home.

The family had been unable to afford proper treatment, and the eight-day-old baby boy, Precious, had been circumcised by a man who used his thumb nail.

Volunteers from the Thorpe-based Benin Christian Support found the distraught mother and child in a blood-soaked blanket at a hospital and paid for his treatment.

Charity treasurer Maureen Sanders said the baby stopped breathing, but the doctor managed to revive him and then treated the baby.

“On talking to the mother, we learnt she believed Precious had to be circumcised by eight days old and she could not afford to come to the hospital, so she called for someone to come to the house.”

Two days later, the workers heard from the doctor that baby Precious had died and the mother was distraught. Mrs Sanders said they spent two hours comforting the mother and gave her a photograph they had taken of her baby – she did not have one.

However, from this tragedy came some help for the family. Another son, a six-year-old, was in terrible pain, holding his arm, and his fingers were claw-like.

The charity paid for him to go to hospital where they found he had broken his hand and wrist.

With money donated by Gazette readers, the charity was able to pay for his treatment and they report he is now in plaster.

For information about the charity and to make donations, call 01255 862618.