CLACTON'S new MP Nigel Farage has vowed to use his profile to attract investment to the seaside town, saying he will make it his “number one goal” for his new constituency.

The Reform UK leader won 21,225 votes to become a UK MP for the first time and unseat Conservative Giles Watling in last week’s General Election.

Mr Farage, 60, previously represented South East England as a Member of the European Parliament, and spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign during the European Union membership referendum.

In an interview with the Clacton Gazette, Mr Farage said it felt “completely different” being a constituency MP.

Campaign – Nigel Farage is one of five Reform UK MPsCampaign – Nigel Farage is one of five Reform UK MPs (Image: James Manning, Press Association)

He said: “I had a coffee and walked down the streets of Clacton today and it felt completely different, and I’ll tell you why.

“I was an MEP for the South East England – that constituency was eight million.

“There was no direct connection – I was only there to represent the people who voted for me and not all the people of South East England.

“It dawned on me within five minutes this morning that this is completely different – there is a direct connection between the voter and the MP, regardless of whether they voted for you or not.

“It’s a different level of responsibility.”

He added he would be “in trouble” without the support Tendring district councillors Jeff Bray, James Coding, Richard Everett, and Peter Harris, who are all members of Reform UK.

When asked how he would deliver for Clacton, he said: “The really big thing I have to try and do is attract investment.

“That is not a 100-day project, but I will try to do that and I’ve got one or two ideas already – one or two ideas of events I want to do and show people that you know what, if you invest here, it’s a damn site cheaper than other parts of the country to come and do that.

Votes – Nigel Farage won more than 21,000 votes at last week's electionVotes – Nigel Farage won more than 21,000 votes at last week's election (Image: Press Association)

“Can I attract national investment to the area? That is the number one goal as a national figure.”

Mr Farage added he was relishing the opportunity on a personal level to represent Clacton.

He continued: “I’m interested – I have never worked with local government before.

“It’s a new departure, and it is interesting because it affects people directly.”