OVERFLOWING waste bins spotted in Walton are being blamed on fly-tippers.

Rubbish was seen overflowing from the Tendring Council-owned bin on Station Road Car Park on Monday (July 1).

One resident claimed the bins used to be emptied by the council on Saturday nights and the issue had got “worse and worse” with rats being seen around the bins in the middle of the day.

Issue - A Walton resident said the issue was getting worse and worseIssue - A Walton resident said the issue was getting worse and worse (Image: Submitted)

Asked if there had been any changes to the bin schedules, a spokesman for Tendring Council said: “We increase both our bin capacity and the number of collections at our open spaces and beaches to cope with the extra demand placed upon them every summer season.

“This particular bin is located next to a recycling site in Walton’s Station Road car park and, in this instance, the waste appears to be fly-tipping and is not a consequence of the good weather and visitor numbers.”

The spokesman added: “As is always the case, people are advised, if a bin is full, to use another or to take their rubbish home with them – rather than litter next to the bin for somebody else to clear up.”