A CLACTON taxi firm has sent off a van full of aid to the frontline of Ukraine to help the fight against Putin and to take care of vulnerable people.

AJ's Taxis, in Clacton, was selling an old taxi on Facebook after its licence expired when a woman from Ukraine expressed interest.

She quickly paid the deposit for the eight-seater van, which has a potential nine seats due to the vehicle’s wheelchair access in the back.

She also said the van would be helpful in evacuating disabled people from the Kharkiv region in Ukraine – the frontline of the war which has been hit by deadly Russian strikes.

Marek Pawilcz, 48, of AJS Taxis, told the Ukrainian woman he could supply the van for free and would fill the vehicle with aid.

Ukraine - The taxi departed from Clacton to Ukraine on July 2Ukraine - The taxi van, which is named Doris, departed from Clacton to Ukraine on July 2 (Image: Submitted)

Drivers and controllers gathered as much help as possible and in just a week, the office was filled with goods such as generators, wheelchairs, mobility aids, and essential items, including food, blankets and dog food.

Children's bikes, helmets, and scooters were also donated.

Marek said that being from Poland, and with a wife from Belarus, he is “very pro-Ukraine”.

He said: “We will support Ukrainians whatever it costs us. If it is going to be helpful for them it will be absolutely fantastic for us to help.

“Everything we do will support getting Putin out.

“We hate that regime - we will do everything we can do to defeat them.”

Max, a Ukrainian volunteer, came from Bulgaria to Clacton on July 2 to collect the vehicle and was "overwhelmed" by the support.

Max also revealed his sister Sanna had lost her house and "everything" in Ukraine, and is now living in the UK with her young son. 

Tina, from AJ's Taxis, also co-ordinated the efforts. 

Marek said a local Muslim society had helped raise some money for fuel, adding: "We are very grateful for all the help and the response.

"We also had people donate money for fuel so we could get the van there."