A Walton man has been sentenced to a two-year community order for assaulting his wife and "leaving her with fear and terror". 

Huseyin Ayag, 28, of East Terrace, Walton, appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court on June 28 to face a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one of intentional suffocation. 

Ayag, who admitted the offences at an earlier hearing, had got into an argument with his wife on November 25 last year, which led to him becoming physically violent. 

Danny Barnard, mitigating, said the defendant reacted to a remark made about his parents, but he felt remorseful of his actions. 

“He expressed remorse and accepted that he reacted foolishly. He is deeply ashamed," said Mr Barnard. 

“After the incident, he went to his car to cry.” 

Mr Barnard told the court a short custodial sentence would punish Ayag, but might not prevent him from further offending. 

His Honour Judge Chris Morgan told Ayag: “You assaulted your wife. You did so by pulling her hair and proceeded to hit her all over her body. 

“She begged you to stop, but you did not. You reinforced the assault by threatening to kill her. 

“I am sure she was terrified by your behaviour. You simply said to her, ‘Whatever happens, happens’. 

“She managed to get away from you. Realising that you were in trouble you dragged her back into the living room, where there was a further struggle. 

“This was in my judgement a prolonged domestic assault.” 

The court heard how Ayag’s wife managed to call 999 when she escaped to the bathroom, where she told an emergency call operator, that Ayag was hitting her. 

The judge said: “You left her with more than only physical injuries and it is plain she has been left with fear and terror of what you can do to her.” 

After considering the domestic context, the defendant’s guilty plea, mitigating factors of his remorse and lack of previous convictions, Judge Morgan sentenced Ayag to a two-year community order, 20 days of rehabilitation and 100 hours of unpaid work. 

Ayag also will be electronically tagged for three months and has a restraining order put in place.